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" You are a great advertisement for a kebab, Naomi, I say to her. " she roars with laughter, adding that she also has certain memories of the nights out with Adam, U2 and Gavin Friday and the gang, in Mr Pussy's Cafe De Luxe in Dublin. The last is because, in September, Naomi was announced by Newbridge Silverware as the glorious new face of its brand for the next two years. The sort of lasting, exalted fame that Naomi enjoys is difficult to contextualise, other than to say that there are very few people in the world who wouldn't recognise Naomi Campbell. As Vanity Fair magazine put it, how well do you really know Naomi?

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Well, if Diana said that, then I'm OK with what the boss says," Naomi says with a laugh. "Just in terms of when you commit to something, you do it 110pc. She would only tell me advice if I asked her for advice, at this stage of my life." Her mother was a trained ballet dancer, and, as a child, Naomi saw her mother perform around the world. I think I kind of applied that." Did you ever think of following her into ballet? It's very tough, very competitive." So is modelling, isn't it? "You can't blame anyone," Naomi says in reply, "because that's part of growing. So like you, like everybody else [I make mistakes]." But the difference is: if I make a mistake or have an issue or a problem, I can go privately and get it resolved.

So you can open it up and find anything surprising in it - anything, in terms of a gift." Looking 20-feet tall, Ms Campbell stands up momentarily to take a gift of "one little square of chocolate" from her London PR. I can easily imagine her tumbling off them, onto the ground, as she infamously did in 1993, wearing those nine-inch Vivienne Westwood platforms at a fashion show.

Those shoes are now in London's Victoria and Albert Museum. Square of chocolate eaten, Naomi doesn't so much sit on the couch beside me, as stretch out her exceedingly long pins and disappear inside the aforementioned fluffy pink bathrobe. you know, I think I should know about myself at 45.

The supermodel appears as happy when she's waxing lyrical on a popular brand of Irish kebab, as she is when she's holding forth on the joys of Yves Saint Laurent, Prada or Gucci. It's nice to know people for so long and still have a relationship. Sitting in the dressing room in Dublin, the superstar is wearing a fluffy pink bathrobe ("I'm freezing! Naomi now has a cotton bud, with which she is dabbing her eye. Naomi Campbell came to it at 15 years of age, in 1985, when she was discovered, as she window-shopped in London's Covent Garden, wearing her school uniform, by a lady called Beth Boldt.

What brought on this fast-food epiphany was, in fact, Naomi remembering the high times in Dublin, when she was engaged to a certain Adam Clayton in 1994. " she says of U2's former nightclub in the basement of the Clarence Hotel in Temple Bar. Then after that you had Abrakebabra for a kebab on the way home! "I went to see the concert in LA, and I'm friends with the whole band. ") Admittedly, under this pink monstrosity, she is wearing a navy Alexander Mc Queen dress, a pair of Jimmy Choos, and jewellery from the Curragh collection by Newbridge Silverware. The ingenue from Streatham, south London, would soon go on to appear on the covers of thousands of magazine covers internationally; from French Vogue at the age of 18 - she was that magazine's first ever black face on the cover; to Time. Do you ever wonder who this little girl was - and look at where she is now?