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The Third Dimension: Quite a few 'let's point things right OUT OF THE SCREEN!!!

' moments, which were either a) jarringly out of context, or b) didn't quite work (when the spears are that 'close' to you in 3D, the ends appear to bend downwards - how is that a good thing? Either way, they're probably not going to look very good when you're watching it in 2D at home (if my recent re-viewing of Drive Angry is anything to go by).

Still, it was with an open mind (no, shut up, really) that I sat down to watch Sam Worthington ply his craft... People have stopped praying, robbing them of their power, and Chronos, the father of Zeus, has formed a pact with his other son, Hades, to break free of the underworld.

If Chronos escapes, and the gods aren't powerful enough to stop him, it will mean the end of the universe.

A lot of the less fantastical effects are good to the point where you don't think of them as visual trickery, and the more over-the-top ones are…

' sequences, it feels a little like two second-drafts of different screenplays that have been edited together without either being finished.

If you're going to go to all this effort to make a needless sequel to a needless remake, get the writing sorted first, and the rest will follow.

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Lizzy richardson and jin akanishi dating