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And to see some of the dilemmas which are presented by our discipline, and specifically by trends affecting criminal law, procedure and punishment.In days gone by, these were matters which were often looked upon with scarcely disguised contempt by leading judges and members of the legal profession.Another development of an international character which is potentially important to the criminal law is the growing recognition of the role which the international law of human rights will play upon municipal lawmaking and municipal court decisions.In Australia, we saw a vivid illustration of the former aspect of this phenomenon in the outcome of the first complaint made against Australia under the First Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.I will not get down to the engine room in which intrepid officials are struggling to develop and reform Australia-wide principles of criminal law.

Such areas of practice tended to command the loyalty of the most talented lawyers available.

He brings to his international office a breadth of experience in the conduct of criminal trials in Australia and intensive work in the Court of Criminal Appeal of New South Wales.

He succeeds Sir Ninian Stephen as a judge of the Tribunal.

INTERNATIONALISATION AND CRIME A singularly vivid indication of the growing role of international law in response to criminal conduct can be seen in the election of Justice David Hunt, soon after his retirement as Chief Judge at Common Law of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, to the office of a judge of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

Now His Excellency Judge David Hunt resides and works in the Hague in the Netherlands.