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Now, there have always been intergenerational gay couples but they do seem to be more common these days.One reason might be the shift towards more conservative, traditional views of couplehood.Complaining about your partner's nagging by saying, "You sound like a broken record" isn't going to be very effective when your partner has never owned a record player.Expressing desire for your partner when he takes his shirt off by saying, "Schwing!When you put the natural propensity of older to like younger (at least physically) with female-like "attraction switches" in younger males you get the high possibility of an intergenerational couple.When you look at the photos on our list of celebrity gay couples with big age differences and see the love that is clearly present between them it's hard not to ask yourself, "What does age mean?It's just a number." Of course, there are a lot of things going against intergenerational gay couples.For example, the simple lack of cultural references can make conversations a little awkward.

Like women, they naturally attach sexual desire to personality characteristics like power, confidence and other traits.First, we have to define what we mean by intergenerational.For my purposes I peg it at a 10 year difference between couples.There are actually a lot more but we decided to cut the list there.But the list brings up a great question: Why are there so many famous intergenerational gay couples?