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There are the added risks of epidural hematoma and epidural abscess, although rare.

A procedure that involves injection a steroid directly into the dura, the sac around the nerve root, which reduces inflammation and minimizes pain.

A procedure in which an anesthetic is injected into small medial nerves connected to a certain facet joint.

If you feel pain relief, this facet can be determined as the source of pain.

In practice, the requirements of these laws are reasonably similar and can be satisfied at the same time. We make information about our privacy policy and practices available to our patients.

If you are unsure about which law applies to your information and what that means for you, or if you have any other privacy questions, requests or concerns, please refer to the Contact Us Section below.

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This can leave you unable to walk or weight bare until the freezing wears off, usually within a couple hours.

In Alberta, when personal information is collected, used or disclosed in the course of providing publicly-funded healthcare services it is covered by the Health Information Act (HIA).

At the same time, the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) protects personal information collected, used or disclosed by private-sector companies, including CDC.

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