Cx erotic chat

I would love to talk with you~ So my wife and I are very interested in having cybersex on a system like Yahoo Chat! The problem is, when push comes to shove (or thrust comes to lick, as the case may be), she can't go through with it.

It didn't end with you leaving me standing on that corner, where the wind was cutting through everything but me because you had me so turned on I could have been naked in the snow and the snow would have melted.

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You are kissing me as u lower my wet ***** down onto your rock hard ****.

One part per day..a hand, an eye, lips, then finally our lovely genitalia.

His voice is so deep and buttery smooth that he gets me all honeyed up between my thighs... He tells me he is stroking his hard **** to my pics that I sent.

We've spoken many times on the phone, but have never met.

We've texted erotic pics of each other's body parts.