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A dinner date at home is a great way for you to get to know each other and you'll both probably feel way more comfortable than in a fancy restaurant. You could start by teaching each other a creative skill which you both possess, which could range from a guitar lesson to a lesson in cartoon illustration.After this you could create an artistic card for each other, paint a watercolor of a nearby beauty spot, draw each other nude, bake some delicious treats, or even start your own blog together on a shared interest.Sometimes movie theaters do special offers, such as buy one get one free on tickets.Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (a theater chain that has locations across the country) offers their free Alamo Victory Program that offers members a ton of deals including, "...discounted tickets and food & beverage offers, as well as invitations to sneak previews of new releases, exclusive screenings, T-shirts, DVDs and more!After all, there's nothing like hours of winding paths to get the lowdown on how your hiking bud is really feeling." You'll be able to spend some quality time with your date, while taking in beautiful surroundings, all for free.

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This is a perfect date for cold winter nights or when you're just getting to know each other, as watching TV together is a legit reason to get snuggled up to your date.There's an ongoing discussion surrounding heterosexual relationships, about whether you can be a female feminist yet expect men to pay for your date.When it comes to who's footing the bill, I believe in splitting it, because I don't believe my partner should pay for my fun or the food I consumed, unless of course he's very insistent.Set up a night of whichever games float your boat and then let the dice and the good times roll!When you feel like having a cozy night in, invite your date round for a marathon session of your favorite show.