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Mercury’s direct turn on the 5th is useful for progress on delayed or stalled plans.

The Full Moon the next day can point to sudden involvement with others, perhaps a friendship matter coming to a head.

You are magnetic now, and could stand out for your services or the work you do.

It’s a very fertile time for your work and, for some, relationships blossom through the pursuit of your daily routines.

The New Moon on the 20th is an additional boost for shining in the work you do as well as lifestyle changes.

In fact, there can be some drama related to relationships, freedom, and independence in the last week of September.

However, your brain can feel overloaded now as there can be changes of plans and a strong desire to put a matter behind you.

Watch for taking action too soon, however, since the information you need to make the right decision is still forthcoming.

All month, but especially from the 19th forward, personal magnetism is excellent. Enthusiasm for hobbies, entertainment, and other forms of playful expression increases, and opportunities emerge to enjoy yourself more thoroughly.

You become increasingly freer of the need to sort out family and home matters, and confidence improves. Something from the past might resurface, and it can be refreshing as you uncover needs that you have either denied in the past or overlooked.